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Your Oracle account is locked, a database administrator should unlock it

ORA-28000: The account is locked

You are trying to connect to the database with a user for which a profile was defined.
On this profile a value for FAILED_LOGON_ATTEMPTS was set
You tried to logon with this user but entered an invalid password consequently for maximum number of times specified by the user’s profile parameter FAILED_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS.
Another possibility is that the DBA locked the account.

You will have to wait until the value of PASSWORD_LOCK_TIME has been reached so the account gets unlocked automatically or contact a DBA to unlock the account.

To see what profile is assigned to a certain user, issue following select:

select profile 
from dba_users 
where username='YOUR_USERNAME_HERE';

To see the limits set for the profile, issue following select:

select resource_name, resource_type, limit
from dba_profiles
where profile='YOUR_PROFILE_HERE';

If you want to see which user locked the account, you can use following select.
Be sure that database auditing is enabled and that you are auditing creation of sessions.

select * from dba_audit_session where username='YOUR_USERNAME_HERE' and returncode != 0 order by timestamp desc;

You can use Oracle Password Changer to change Oracle passwords and unlock accounts.

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