Oracle database tuning redefined. Get detailed information of the performance of your Oracle databases. Easy and intuitive to use thanks to the latest Office look.

The most intuitive way to solve Oracle performance problems

One of the most challenging tasks for an Oracle database administrator is to solve performance issues which impact business critical processes.
DbaPad was designed from the ground up with performance tuning in mind.

Using the commonly known Office look and feel, DbaPad divides the complex database information into logically grouped categories.

  • General Database Information: Information of the most common database settings, parameters, options, memory structures, and more
  • Backup and High Availability: An overview of your backup & Recovery strategy, Flashback, Streams, and so on
  • Session and Locks: A detailed view on what session is waiting for what resources, including locks, wait events, and the like
  • Space Management: All tablespace related info, important file information and undo and redo statistics
  • Security Overview: Know who and when accessed your database, user information and privilege management
  • Tuning Related: Frequently accessed SQL Statements, bad behaving and resource intensive statements, shared pool info and a lot of ratio’s and statistics to help you tune your Oracle database
  • Object Browser: Quickly browse through the objects of a schema

Some pictures tell more than a thousand words

Database Overview
Overview of Backup and High Availability
Detailed session information
Space overview
Security overview
Detailed latch information
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